Xhover Stingy BNF

    This quad is truly unbelievable. I knew it was going to be nice but I had no idea! First of all I can't tell you how nice it is as a Spektrum user to be able to just bind and fly, but the components if this quad are all top shelf, and the thing just Flys so easy. If I want to cruise I put little angle on the cam and it is a Cadillac, if I want to scream I put more angle and the torque and speed is there. Also the props, I cannot believe how awesome these props are, I still haven't changed them, they gave not even bent and I have had at least 7 crashes so far. My brand new GT came with gem fans and they have sheared off in a Frick environment bush! It beats my Chameleon it beats both of my GTs {the x and the stretched x) It wins over my Obsession and my MQM, it is by far my best quad. It flies like a dream, I have nothing bad to say about this quad. On top of all that it looks fantastic dressed up in the white Cano. Stingy knows what he is doing g and he took the Alien concept, which is a genius quad, and he improved upon it, from the ingenious cam mount system to the improved CG for the handling down to the weight reductions.. Love it

    Aaron Cordle

  • POWER!

    XHOVER 2307-2500KV MOTORS

    This is the first set of XHOVER quad motors that I have ever purchased and I am amazed by the quality of them. They have the competition beat on just about every design point. First let me say these motors rock, with a very linear powerband with no dips or unexpected peaks that pulls extremely hard all the way to max rpm. XHOVER has done the previosly impossible task of creating a motor with this level of linear power that is not a lipo killer. I have flown silk motors, hype motors, and lumenier 2206/2450 motors and these new XHOVER motors are clearly the best of them all for my style flying (freestyle). The design is awesome looking, minimalist but very strong, and they actually have wires long enough to reach all the way to the center of the quad in case you use a 4 in one esc.These will be my new go to motors for freestyle. Thanks XHOVER.

    Jeff Lammers


    Xhover WIN 2 BNF

    very surprised by this small quad compact good quality very well thought out and finished with a team always on top. the only one I'm going to change is the TX I'm going to pass in 1.3ghz with the micro swift 2 CCD better than CMOS! Otherwise what else do you say if I buy another because for this quality in RTF do not hesitate.

    a big congratulations to all the team XHOVER

    Alexandre Cadic