Xhover - GHOST LR


Introducing the Xhover Ghost series frames! These lightweight long to mid-range frames are perfect for situations where you need something quiet, with a long-lasting flight! Designed specifically for the Insta360 GO 2 action cam. The Ghost Makes for a stealthy flying machine while keeping it under 250grams on the 4” version ghost! We did not forget about the Naked GoPro Community! We will also have an attachment for a Naked GoPro, or other similar cameras coming out very soon.

We wanted something that looked different and flew great! The front mount will carry the Action cam and FPV cam at the same angle so you know exactly what you are shooting and no more guessing on the shot you get, while also keeping the props out of view. The mount allows you to easily rotate the camera up or down without any extra tools needed. 

The Ghost has been a fun project, and with the help of Stingerswarm we were able to produce something that’s fun, while capturing some long-range flights and keeping the weight and noise down. 

Key Features 

  • Caddx Vista Ready
  • Multiple FC mounting patterns 26x26 / 20x20 / 16x16
  • Replaceable arms 
  • 20x20 rear mount
  • Adjustable HD/VTX Camera mount
  • Robust frame design 
  • M3 Press nuts installed 
  • VTX/RX 3D Printed mount
  • Easy to build


Frame weight includes 3D Printed parts

5" - 60g

4" - 55g


Recommend components 

5" Build

  • XH2204-KV1900 or similar 
  • BetaFPV F722 2-6s AIO FC
  • DJI Caddx Vista 
  • Tattu 4s 750mAh 


  • 1404-2800kv motors
  • BetaFPV F722 2-6s AIO FC
  • DJI Caddx Vista 
  • HQ T4x2x3
  • Tattu 4s 550mAh 


  • Ghost micro FPV FRAME
  • Insta360 Go 2 Camera mount 3D printed
  • 3D printed VTX/RX mount
  • Stack soft mounts 
  • High-Quality Hardware M2/M3
  • Battery Strap

Recommend PID TUNE with suggested components