Xhover DJI Air unit Shift Mount

We have all seen and heard about how great the DJI FPV air unit is, and really, what person would not what to have a crystal clear look at the world as they jet by. But there is a downside to these units, and that is the cost.  Coming in at $179, these units are not cheap and they need to be permanently mounted to each drone.  This could end up as a costly upgrade. That is why we are very proud to introduce the new XHover DJI Shift mount.  At a fraction of the price you can now make a single DJI FPV air unit into a modular system that can be quickly switched out, from drone to drone.  Now you can have an HD low latency FPV system on all your Xhover drones.

Our XHover DJI Shift mount utilizes the GoPro quick two tab mount that will allow the DJI air unit to be mounted to multiple surfaces, such as mountain bikes, cars, RC cars, boats, RC planes, helmets and just about anything else. The XHover DJI Shift mount is made from a durable crash resistance material to help protect the costly DJI air unit.  So now from just one DJI air unit you can get crystal clear live video streaming back to your DJI Goggles from as many different Xhover drones as you want.  All with a minimal amount of downtime and no tools needed!