We are happy to introduce the all new Xhover motors designed from the ground up! We are committed to providing performance and efficient products to all our customers! We consistently  tested out these motors along with different variations of KVs to ensure we had the perfect 2307 motor! This motor truly delivers MASSIVE power. 

 Durablity was a high concern for us since we understand our customers are out often using their quadopters and occassionally crashing them. For this reason, we created a solid durable design made out of aluminim. The Xhover motor went through extensive and rough testing to ensure its ability to withstand some of the worst crashes! In addition to this, we also thought outside the box and decided to switch up the wiring color to gray, the first of its kind.  We hope you enjoy these motors as much as we do. If you have any questions or need technical support please contact us at support@xhover.com


Weight 32grams with short wires 


  • 1x Xhover 2307-2500kv motor
  • 2x M5 Motor nuts Aluminum 
  • 5x  mounting screws 
  • 16x16 hole pattern 

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