Stingy V2 Forged HD (6s Version) DJI

We are proud to offer thew Xhover Stingy V2 in a HD BNF version! Featuring the best components installed and tuned! This Stingy V2 HD comes with everything you need to start flying and start getting some exciting Cinematic shots! 

The components we have chosen for this build are some of the best out on the market. They have been fine-tuned and even used by the pros. The Blastr features a BrainFPV flight controller that is fine-tuned along with a bulletproof 4-1 ESC that supports 4-6s battery packs. 

The Stingy V2 Forged HD version comes with DJI's all-new Digital FPV system. Experience 720p 120fps via the DJI goggles! The experience of this setup will blow you away! 

Our Stingy V2 Forged BNF includes a forward and rear-facing GoPro mount, This is ready to get any type of shot you throw at it! 


  • Xhover Stingy V2 Forged 
  • BrainFPV FC with 35a ESC's stack
  • 4x Xhover Cinematic Motors 6s V2 2207-1824KV
  • DJI FPV Air Unit 
  • Adjustable GoPro Mount Front and bottom Rear 
  • Battery Straps
  • XT60 Type Connector 
  • 1 Set of Props