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We are ecstatic to introduce the Xhover Stingy! We worked closely with Xhover Team pilot Kevin Dougherty, AKA Stingersswarm, to come up with the ultimate freestyle frame. We flew him out to Xhover HQ, sat down with him, threw ideas out on the table, went back and forth with variations of this frame, and had him  test fly them to create a frame designed to his specific needs and one that we knew all of our customers would enjoy. After months of R&D, we finally designed an exceptional flying machine! A true X top mount and low profile FPV freestyle frame!

The Xhover Stingy is a true X design that features a low profile design keeping everything low within the center of gravity. Keeping the FPV camera protected was a challenge, however we came up with a unique camera plate. This plate provides protection from hard impacts when landing or bottoming out. Our unique way of removing the arms was also implemented in this design. Two screws is all that is required to remove and replace a broken arm without disturbing the PDB/FC Stack.

Words from Xhover Team Pilot Kevin Dougherty 

My first encounter with aviation was when I was seven years old and my Dad had Flight Simulator on our home PC. My Mom wanted to send me to bed but Dad said I could stay up as long as I didn’t crash. After half an hour of flying between buildings they both made me go to bed. I turned that passion and obsession with aviation into a career as an Airline Pilot. The first time I saw an FPV video I became infatuated. FPV gives me the freedom to fly and push the boundries of what’s possible in flight without risking life and limb. So yeah, Stingersswarm, he likes to fly stuff.


Overview Features 
  • Durable 
  • Chamfered Edges! no more sanding edges. 
  • Low Profile 
  • Top Battery mount
  • HD Camera ready (GoPro)
  • Light weight 
  • 3K Twill Carbon Fiber
  • Easy to remove arms using 2 screws
  • Minimal hardware and parts
  • High Quality Titanium M3 Button head hardware
  • Easy Grip Standoffs
  • Easy repairs 
  • Plenty of space for components
  • Durable and light 


Airframe: 110g with all hardware 


  • 1xTop Plate 2mm Chamfer Edge
  • 1x Main Plate with press nuts installed 2mm Chamfer Edge
  • 1x Bottom plate 1.5mm 
  • Camera Slot Plate 2mm Chamfer Edge ( NEW) 
  • 2x Camera mounts 2mm
  • 4x Arms 4mm Chamfer Edge
  • 26x 8mm Titanium Button Head Screws
  • 8x 20mm Black Standoffs 
  • 1x 28mm Gunmetal Standoff
  • 1x Small Battery strap 
  • 1x Medium Battery strap 
  • 1x ESC sticker sheet
  • 4x Foam landing pads
  • 1x Battery none slip pad 

Suggested Components 






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