Xhover XH2206-2360kv Racing Series motor


This motor was designed and manufactured specifically to our specs. We have been testing different KVs this past year and  have finally found something that we are happy with and know our customers will be 100% happy. Performance and durability was our highest priority for this motor and I think we nailed it.  


Key Features

  • Single wire winding  allows for a higher temperature tolerance of up to 190°
  • Rated for 3-4s
  • Integrated 5mm threaded prop adapter 
  • Perfectly Balanced Rotors
  • Stator was placed higher to avoid screws hitting winding when mounting
  • Japanese Bearings for smooth performance
  • Light Weight with max airflow to windings 
  • 3mm Internal shaft for ultimate durability 
  • Full 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase 


  •  XH2206-2360kv
  • Nylon Lock Nut to keep prop secure  
  • 4x M3x5mm screws for mounting on most airframes
  • 4x M3 washers 
  • Motor comes in a box with a Foam insert 

Thrust Data Coming soon!




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