Xhover Pro Case Fits Stingy V2 and Skyeliner

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We understand a lot of our customers are using our drones on professional shoots, That's why we designed the all-new Xhover Pro case! Designed to accommodate both a Stingy V2 and Skyeliner, two of our most popular drones for filming, This case is designed to withstand some harsh weather environments which are what our pros wanted! Whether its a work day out on a shoot or just a casual Sunday flight you can rest assured knowing all your gear is nice and organized and ready to go at a moments notice featuring our two-layer foam design.

The Xhover Pro Case will protect your valuable equipment, withstanding incredible abuse in extremely harsh environments. Designed for style as well as durability, the Xhover Pro Case is molded from tough polypropylene and is rugged, lightweight, watertight, and airtight. A Perimeter O-Ring seals out the elements, protecting the contents of the Xhover case from water, dust and other contaminants. The Xhover Case will not chip, dent, or lose its finish.

Compatible Frames 

  • Xhover Stingy V2
  • Xhover Skyeliner
  • Stingy 

Key Features 

  • Holds 2 frames, One with props on and a back up drone without props
  • Compatible with most Radios, Spektrum or FrSky 
  • Holds 8 Battery Packs 4s 1300-2000mah or 6s 1050mah
  • Supports all FatShark Goggles
  • 2 Layer Foam Design 
  • Slot for GoPro and accessories
  • Holds 10 sets of props 
  • Slots for Tools 
  • Durable
  • Weather Proof  


  • Xhover Pro Case
  • 2x Foam pieces designed for Xhover Drones Stingy V2 and Skyeliner 
  • 1x Foam HoneyComb Lid