Blastr Lift Kit

The Blastr V2 frame and Lift Kit are the perfect pair to start the journey into Cinelifter drones. Lift Kit is a custom 1-inch carbon fiber extension that transforms a traditional quadcopter frame into a coaxial 8 rotor, or X8 drone. Discover the possibilities of 8-rotors of all shapes and sizes. Lift it with Lift Kit.

 Lift Kit is compatible with 16x16mm and 19x19mm motor hole patterns. 

The lift kit includes everything needed to mount on both the Blastr V1 and V2 Frame. Only one Blastr arm is needed, 2 arms sandwiched together is optional.

with 5" arms the lift kit converts your rig into a 6" prop setup. 

6" blastr arms with the Lift kit converts into a 8" prop setup. 



  • 1x Blastr Lift kit
  • 1x Hardware pack