R5X BNF Racing Drone, FrySky or Spektrum











We are happy to introduce the Xhover R5X BNF (bind and fly) edition. We have received many requests from our customers. We are proud to offer a BNF R5X with the best components installed and tuned! This R5X comes with everything you need to start flying (excludes the battery and transmitter). This R5X includes your choice of a FrySky Receiver or Spektrum Racing Receiver. 

The components we have chosen for this build are some of the best out on the market. They have been fine tuned and even used by the pros. The R5X features a Raceflight Revolt controller that is fully tuned, Xhover 2206-2300kv motors, 30A BLheli-S ESC's combined with a reliable 5.8ghz fpv transmitter and a camera along with a tuned circular polarized antenna. This FPV setup is perfect for racing or just casual flying. 








R5X BNF Features

  • Fully built and tuned in the USA!
  • Small Compact size easy to carry
  • Pro FPV racing drone
  • Pro FPV components installed 
  • BNF to your Spektrum or FrSky transmitter 
  • Full 3K high quality Carbon fiber 
  • Replaceable parts
  • Easy to work on
  • Light weight only 290grams
  • GoPro compatible
  • High quality Hardware 
  • Extremely durable 


  • R5X Fully Built and Tuned 
  • RaceFlight Revolt Installed and Tuned
  • XH2206-2360kv installed 
  • 30A BLheli-S installed and programmed 
  • Sony FPV Camera installed
  • 200mw TX Installed Channel 1 default
  • 5.8ghz antenna 
  • 3 blade Propellers 
  • Xhover Battery strap 
  • FrSky or Spektrum receiver 

Needed to complete 

  • FrSky or Spektrum Transmitter 
  • Suggested battery 1300mah 4s
  • LiPo Charger 



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