MXP200B Racing Quadcopter 3mm

 This frame swings a 5" prop Max

Looking for a frame that is built specifically for simplicity and durability? We would like to introduce you to our newest frame, the Xhover MXP200 Bapu Edition. We worked side by side with some of the world’s top racers, including Bapu himself, to construct a frame designated respectively for racing and reaching high levels of top speed. Its true X design gives you the opportunity to achieve top speeds and enjoy racing!


Bapu was a huge asset in creating this frame and we are very happy to have him as a team pilot here at XHOVER.  He is a professional FPV racer who has accumulated over 30 wins. We took the time to sit down with him and ask him what he felt was missing in the quadcopters currently on the market. After testing several prototypes and brainstorming multiple concepts, the Xhover 200 Bapu Edition was established. Bapu has been racing it for several months now and has continued to win multiple races all over the country. We hope you like this frame as much as we do.  


Airframe: 60g with all hardware and PDB

AUW: 270g Including all electronics(Not including GoPro or Battery) 



  • 1x Xhover 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate (with Xhover logo printed on plate) 
  • 1x Xhover 3mm Carbon Fiber Main Uni-Body Plate
  • 2x 26mm 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Plates for FPV Camera mount r
  • 1x Xhover PDB 36mm board (Nylon Mounting hardware is included)
  • 1x XT60 PigTail
  • 4x Black 35mm Aluminum Standoffs 
  • 1x set of Black High Quality Steel hardware 
  • 1x Neoprene Tape for HD Cam
  • 1x Xhover LiPo Strap
  • 4x Xhover ESC Tape 

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