B-Roll Micro HD

We are extremely proud to introduce our latest airframe the  B-Roll.  We know that many of you out there want to produce some fantastic aerial footage and that is the inspiration for the B-roll.  Designed for a RunCam Split Mini camera and a 20x20 stack up front, this micro frame can produce 1080p HD footage at 60 fps. 

The top battery mount adds to the stability of this micro machine, and the size allows flying through the smallest openings and creates unique footage that no one else has.  The maximum prop size is 3-inch, but if you want to capture some cinematic shots, we recommend the 2-inch prop for smooth and stable flight.  

AirFrame Weight 36g


  • B-Roll Air Frame 
  • High Quality Hardware 
  • Micro Battery Strap 

Recommend Components 

RunCam Split Mini - LINK

FC and ESC - LINK 

Motors - LINK 


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