Custom builds

Droneproz takes Custom builds to a whole new level. Offering fully built units on some of the hottest brands out there we are sure to have something you will love. We take the word custom very personal and hold these builds to the highest level. Every wire is cut to length and desoldered making sure it is the cleanest looking job as possible. Not stopping these each and ever components going into these units is bench tested an ran way before even being mounted on the quad. The components used on the racers such as motors and  esc are all high end components and it is what some of the great racers out there are running. We know that no build is custom unless the PID are done on the flight controller so we go the extra and tune each and every unit not just in hovering it but actually putting it on a simulation track we have created so we can refine the PIDs. There is only one technician that professionally tunes the PIDS and he is known as SOCALS #1 best PID tuner and you are guaranteed to be amazed at how smooth the PID will be right out of the box. We guarantee that with the settings we program into these units you can take them to the track and be really happy with them right out of the box. All these units come with the newest Sbus compatible FRsky micro receiver so it can easily be bound to your taranus radio. Stand out from everyone else and own a racer you will be very proud of.