We are proud to offer a BNF (Bind & Fly) WIN 5 drone with the best components installed and tuned! This WIN5 comes with everything you need to start racing.

The components we have chosen for this build are some of the best out on the market. They have been fine tuned and even used by the pros. The WIN5 features a BetaFlight controller that is fine tuned, Xhover 2206-2360kv motors, 30A BLheli-S D-Shot ESC's combined with a reliable 5.8ghz fpv transmitter and a camera along with a tuned  antenna. This FPV setup is perfect for racing or just casual flying. 


  • Xhover WIN5 Air Frame
  • BetaFlight FC Installed and fine tuned
  • 4x Xhover XH2206-2420kv motors installed
  • All in one 30a BLHeli-S ESC's with D-SHOT installed and calibrated 
  • RunCam FPV Camera tuned and installed
  • 200MW Transmitter with FatShark Channel 1 as default installed 
  • Emax Pagoda 5.8ghz Antennas 


  • Tuned and ready to race
  • OSD built in
  • Lost model feature 
  • Auto Level mode
  • Rate mode
  • Easy to fly 

Test flown and tuned before shipment.