Foxeer Lollipop V2 U.FL RHCP 5.8G 2PCs (BLACK)

The Foxeer Lollipop antenna's are durable, lightweight and the perfect match for the Foxeer ClearTx VTX. These antenna are perfect for FPV racing due to their stronger omnidirectional signal and unibody structure.

These antenna are manufactured to the highest of standards and offer the best signal quality in their class. The outer case is made of tough ABS and polycarbonate, the stem is a semi-rigid coaxial cable. The stem can be bent to any angle and is rigid enough to stay put in the position you decide.

• Small and lightweight
• Tough outer case made of PC & ABS
• Coaxial semi-rigid stem
• Best signal quality in it's class
• Omnidirectional
• Low feeder loss
• Can be bent to any angle and will stay put

Type: Foxeer Lollipop 5.8G 
Center Frequency: 5.8GHz
Gain: 2.3Dbi
Bandwidth: 500MHz (5.5~6.0GHz)
Matching: VSWR<1.2 (at center frequency)
Axle Ratio: <1
Radiation Efficiency: 98%
Polarization: LHCP/RHCP
Connector: Angled UFL
Shell Material: ABS and polycarbonate
Color: Black
Antenna Length: 85.5mm
Weight: 9.8g (each antenna)