Stingy V2 Forged BNF (6s Version)



We are proud to offer a BNF Xhover Stingy V2 Forged drone with the best components installed and tuned! This Stingy V2 comes with everything you need to start flying. Choose your option of a Spektrum,FrySky or Crossfire installed and ready to be bound to your favorite radio. 

The components we have chosen for this build are some of the best out on the market. They have been fine-tuned and even used by the pros. The Stingy features a BrainFPV controller that is fine-tuned, also featuring the all new Xhover 2207-1824kv 6s Motors, combined with a reliable 5.8ghz fpv transmitter with Smart Audio.

The camera we chose for this build is a Foxeer Predator Micro camera along with a TBS Triumph circular polarized antenna. This FPV setup is perfect for Freestyle! Also includes a GoPro mount, So you are ready to start capturing some sweet footage. 


  • Xhover StingyV2 Frame 
  • BrainFPV  FC with Aikon ESC's stack
  • 4x Xhover Cinematic XH2207-1824kv V2 motors installed 
  • Foxeer Micro Camera
  • 5.8 Team BlackSheep VTX with Smart Audio 25/800mw 
  • Team BlackSheep RHCP antenna W/ SMA 
  • GoPro Enclosed Mount 
  • Battery Straps
  • XT60 Type Connector 
  • Your Choice of a Spektrum Race Receiver. FrSky or Crossfire
  • 1 Set of Props 

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