BNF Xhover GAPiT (Spektrum)



We at XHover are very proud to introduce the GAPiT BNF. Your time is valuable and should be spent in the air flying not building, well unless you like building. 

About the Frame 

Now, instead of cutting holes in the top plate and cramming a battery on top to be like Gap, you can get his new frame with “toilet-tanking” built in, plus thicker 5mm arms and 2mm top and main plates for added durability and integrated soft mounts to nuke that jello. And we’re keeping the features of the R5LX you’ve come to rely on, like quick-switch arms that only require an M3 driver and two bits of hardware to complete a swap.


To those scratching their heads over the battery position, Travis says, “Arranging the GoPro and LiPo efficiently keeps the center of mass more compact. When the weight is less spread out along the horizontal axis, everything is simpler to tune and more fun to fly.” And the extended footprint of the Stretch X gives you added pitch stability for consistent speed and buttery GoPro footage that’s fun to watch.


Carbon Fiber

All carbon parts are chamfered for a nice smooth finish on all the edges and the assembly is just about as easy as it gets.

With the GAPiT Freestyle Frame, you don’t have to chop up carbon with a paring knife and hot glue it back together to clone his setup. We’ve done all the work for you and left you plenty of room to keep building.

 Key Features

  • “Toilet Tank” battery position
  • GoPro Mount for both Session and HERO 5,6 
  • Powerful 2307 Motors 
  • BIND and Fly
  • Spektrum or FrSky 
  • 30A 4-1 ESC's
  • F4 FC
  • Smart Audio 
  • Xhover White Camera 4:3 2.1mm Lens 
  • 25-600mw VTX
  • FC Soft mount built-in
  • Chamfered carbon for a smooth edge finish
  • 5mm arms, 2mm main and top plates
  • Quick change arms let you leave FC hardware in place • Stretch X


  • 1x GAPiT Frame
  • 1x Xhover White Camera Installed and Tuned
  • 1x 25-600mw VTX with Smart Audio Installed 
  • 1x 4-1 ESC 30A DYS Installed 
  • 1x F4 FC DYS Installed and Fine TUNED
  • 4x Xhover 2307-2500KV Installed 
  • 1x Set of Props 
  • 1x RX Spektrum or FrSky Installed 

Every BNF that leaves our Xhover warehouse is Test flown and Fine-tuned. 




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